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Overall Timelines

Activities Timelines
Go live for Challenge on Bizofit Platform 20th July
Roadshows 7th-13th Sept
Last Date of Online Applications 20th Sept
Invitation to Finalists for Vizag Fintech Festival 30th Sept

Roadshows Timelines

Activities Timelines
Launch Roadshows on Bizofit Platform 20th July
Last Date of Application for Startup Presentation at Roadshows 4th Sept
Last Date for Startup Invitations for Presentation at Roadshows 5th Sept
Roadshow in 3 cities – San Francisco, Chicago and NewYork 7th-13th Sept


  • BankTech:- Banks are adopting technologies to improve processes and integrate operations across boundaries. This adoption of technologies will help banking entities evolve from their banking only focus to involve internal and external stakeholders and customer across different channels. Some of the use cases in BankTech will include mobility, payment tech, blockchain, cybersecurity, automation and customer interaction.
  • InsurTech:- It includes startups that are taking the advantage of technology and disrupting the insurance sector. Some of the Insurtech startups are creating new insurance categories, educating customers and offering coverage to digital savvy customers.
  • Financial Inclusion:- Financial Inclusion will focus on customers that are unbanked and underbanked which need financial services but are not able to avail it. We are looking at startups which can increase the reach of financial services and offer it to people at affordable cost and sustainable way. These startups can focus on any of the areas including education, mobility, low cost underwriting, credit and others.
  • RegTech:- RegTech will include startups that are finding more efficient ways to manage compliance and regulatory guidelines for the banks and financial services organizations.


Smart agriculture is already becoming more commonplace among farmers, and high-tech farming is quickly becoming the standard thanks to agricultural drones and sensors. The future of farming is in collecting and analyzing big data in agriculture to maximize efficiency. Thus all in all, the growth and consumption of technology plays an in integral part in shaping the future of agri-tech in India, and with the government coming up with incentives and programs, the scope of growth in the industry is massive. Some of the areas in which we can explore startups that are interested to make an impact:

  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • IoT Applications in Agriculture
  • Drone Applications in Agriculture
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Affordable Energy Storage


EmergeTech is a broader category and will cover all the use cases which are not covered in Fintech and Agritech. We believe some of the following technologies will have an impact on all the areas.

  • Blockchain
  • AI/ML
  • AR/VR
  • Cybersecurity
  • Drones
  • Robotic Process Automation

Other areas such as GovTech and HealthTech are included in EmergeTech as given below:

  • GovTech:- Startups that focus on Digital Transformation of public agencies wherein the technology is used to improve the services offered by Government to customers and public.
  • HealthTech:- Healthcare Startups are working in the areas of booking appointments, selling medicines online and preventive healthcare. We are looking at startups that can change the way healthcare is offered and perceived.

Shortlisted Service Providers that would be asked to submit Proposals/ Quotes