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Kastle™ Treasury is a deal recording system that ensures complete flow of information from Front to Middle to Back Office across various markets.

Kastle™ Treasury supports the structured portfolio approach and allows simulations, wherein a simulated trade can be captured, its impact on the portfolio is studied and if found financially viable, the simulated trade can be converted into a live transaction.

Kastle™ Treasury is highly parameterized, and therefore meeting many requirements is a matter of just changing settings. Openness for communicating with external systems makes it suitable for achieving Straight Through Processing.


Kastle™ Treasury is a leading, integrated treasury management solution used by financial institutions worldwide to meet their business objectives like speed to market, efficiency and ability to push through complex transactions.
It comes with world class processes providing exemplary service to the bank’s customers, results to shareholders, attractive returns on investment to the Senior Management and regulatory compliance.
Kastle™ Treasury:

  • Provides organizations with a sophisticated, multi-entity, multi-portfolio, multi-dealing room environment supported by robust risk management, back-office management, and MIS
  • Presents a holistic picture of an organization’s financial health
  • Covers several key markets such as foreign exchange, money, equity, and their related derivative instruments
  • Identifies open positions, measures risks in real time, assists in generating P&L statements, and facilitates settlements


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2.) Capabilities

Key Features

  • Automation and analyses features
    • Wide range of MIS reports
    • Real-time feed integration from multiple service providers for many instruments and currencies
    • Structured portfolio approach enabling simulation analysis
    • Decision support via exhaustive pre- and post-trade support tools and analytics, including pricing and valuation of plain vanilla and complex derivative instruments
    • Intelligent messaging module capable of handling SWIFT, RTGS, and other formats
    • Full-fledged Nostro reconciliation module (Nostroplus)
    • User-friendly interface to capture exchange rates, benchmark rates, scrip rates, and prices of stocks in F&O segment
    • VC++ component library for automated mathematical computations
    • Complete straight-through processing functionality, covering front-, middle-, and back-office MIS and reporting requirements
  • Flexibility and customization features
    • Multi-entity system
    • Multi-dealing-room capability
    • Multi-portfolio enabled
    • Multicurrency accounting
    • Platform-independent database
    • Seamless interface with 3rd-party market information systems
    • High level of parameterization—varying requirements can be met by simply changing settings
    • Transaction downloads across various dealing systems (e.g., Dealing 3000)

Key Differentiators:

  • Convenient, right-click enabled deal entry and retrieval criteria
  • Comprehensive analytics for front-office users
  • Extensive limit management
  • User-definable accounting policies
  • Compliant with SOX, Basel II, IFRS, MiFID, and hedge accounting rules
  • Extensive online context sensitive help available at a single click
  • Unicode compliant, with language localization for all screens and interfaces
  • Modular yet seamless approach (front-, middle- and back-office operations work in an independent yet integrated fashion)

Key Customers Benefits:

  • 100% accuracy in execution and accelerated decision-making made possible through treasury management tools (real-time information from  multiple sources, MIS, and analytical solutions) and functionalities like historical simulation and “what-if” analyses that enable dealers to respond quickly and accurately to market conditions
  • Tailored solutions to real-time business problems via flexible, intelligent, and user-friendly systems and interfaces
  • Process efficiency achieved through implementation of best practices incorporated into the solution
  • Improved productivity and reduced costs—automated analyses lead to efficient operations with 60% increase in productivity and swift decision-making, while minimizing overheads and cutting costs incurred on salary by 42%
  • Enhanced security with user access, control, and administration security features


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