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Ankit Bhagat

Bizofit Grid Power Optimization Solution

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Bizofit Grid Optimization Solution will help solve electric power sector’s optimal power flow problem. Optimal power flow requires determining generator settings that best enable power to be routed to customers across a complex grid in a reliable and cost-effective manner.



Innovative Solution for Grid Power Optimization

Existing grid software was designed for a power grid based on conventional generation and transmission technologies which are dominated by large, centralized power plants. The rapid development in recent years of new resources, including DERs, intermittent resources (wind and solar), and storage has created a new set of challenges for grid management.

Currently, grid management software does not allow for new forms of generation and storage to be used at full potential. Existing grid software makes several simplifying assumptions that produce suboptimal power flow solutions and result in increased electricity costs; the effects of these assumptions grow as the number of DERs grows.

Furthermore, increasing emphasis on grid resilience demands innovative management of more diverse and decentralized resources, which existing grid software is not equipped to handle. Innovation is needed regarding the underlying modeling, optimization, and control methods to increase grid flexibility, reliability, and resilience while substantially reducing system costs and barriers to fully integrated emerging technologies.

Grid Optimization Solution will achieve higher utilization of resources at optimal cost and thereby reduce the overall cost of distribution.


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