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Predictive Analytics

With Internet of Things, nearly everything is connected. This means retailers can provide a personal and super-personalized experience to the customers. Today’s retailer can track customers likings and preferences and update the inventory accordingly.

One such precisely planned instance is when Walmart used predictive analytics in partnership with Weather Co. Through this collaboration, they came up with hyper-local experiences by using weather forecasts according to zip codes. With this data, Walmart keeps a check on their supplies. For instance, if it is warm without rain, people would most likely eat stakes. Moreover, Walmart also plans and runs advertisements according to the data they get from predictive analytics.

Learn in-depth about this latest and transforming technology by joining us in an international webinar on Predictive Analysis. The webinar will be a part of an international e-summit featuring experts and CEOs from international brands like Pepsi. Moreover, the e-summit will give you an opportunity to have practical knowledge on subjects like big data, demand forecasting etc.

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  • Myron Burke
    Myron Burke
    ex-Walmart Innovation
    Myron is a visionary leader with the ability to deliver large scale corporate objectives across global markets.

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