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Bizofit has analyzed the current Immigration Bill’s impact on Indian IT Services’ stakeholders – Service Providers, Customers, & Employees. Whether the Bill passes or not, the impact of current provisions, and any changes to the Bill, will all be covered here – Up-to-date News, Updates, Analysis, & Insights.

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Immigration Bill News

Bizofit Report

Our team has compiled a comprehensive Report based on our interpretation of the Bill, and includes Analysis, Insights and High-level Recommendations for different categories of Service Providers, Customers & Employees, and also has Scenario Analysis Tools to help formulate your gameplan.

Impact Dashboard

Service Providers can analyze the impact by filling out just a few data points, and get immediate results on likely increase to your wage bill. See whether you get classified as an “H-1B Dependent Employer”, and visualize the impact through charts. Clients can use this to see where their Service Providers stand.

Blog & Updates

We will blog and provide Live Updates as to the progress of the Bill, as it goes through its lifecycle, namely the Senate and the House and as gets voted on. You will get the most up-to-date News and Updates, Impact Assessment, Insights & Recommendations right here, from our team of Analysts.

Shortlisted Service Providers that would be asked to submit Proposals/ Quotes