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Build a “Market-Ready Digital Business” with Zero Coding and with Zero Spend on Team and Marketing

End-to-end Digital Business

Build Website and Mobile Apps for your Business


“One-Stop Shop”

Web and Mobile Apps, E-commerce Store with Complete Digital Marketing Setup to kickstart your Digital Business and begin your enterpreneurial journey.


Digital Marketing

All-in-one platform to grow your business and establish new customer relationships via Email, SMS, Facebook, Chat, CRM, and more.


Zero Coding Experience

Most entrepreneurs do not have (or need) coding knowledge or experience and can build a Digital Business by accessing our Platform. Our Team and Platform will build it for you from scratch.


Build a E-commerce Store

It has never been easier to setup an online e-commerce store and we can help you do that.


Complete Marketing Setup

It typically takes a year to setup your Marketing from scratch. We will help you get set up in under 2 weeks.


Build Apps

Because smartphones are in everyone’s hands, the demand for apps is increasing with time. Anyone can download Apps via Google’s Android Playstore and Apple’s App Store. Apps will give you direct access to your customers. We will
shorten the time to develop a new Mobile App from 3 months to 15 days.

Using Software
About Biz of IT Innovations

Biz of IT Innovations is a Digital Powerhouse helping next-generation entrepreneurs build  Digital businesses and connecting them with Opportunities. We would like to introduce ourselves as the Enterprise Co-Innovation Platform that runs Accelerated Innovation and Digital Transformation Programs in partnership with our Global network of 30,000+ Start-ups in AI, Automation, Predictive Analytics, Robotics, AR/VR and Cloud Transformation.

Vision and Mission
Digital Business Membership

Our Digital Premier Membership for Individuals is especially useful to those seeking Start-up & Entrepreneurship Opportunities in “Digital Tech” solutions. Avail all of the benefits a one-time fee of $ 500 / Year.

Software Product
Hosting & Domain

We will manage the complete lifecycle of setting up your Digital Business on our platform –,

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