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Founded in 1995, Voicetronix is a leading creator and pioneer of open source Computer Telephony hardware. A privately owned Australian company, we operate from two locations, in Sydney and Adelaide.

Established initially to perform consultancy and contract development in the fields of speech compression, echo cancellation and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) hardware design, Voicetronix embarked in the process of evolving into a computer telephony hardware vendor in late 1996 and commenced supplying its telephony boards in 1998, predominantly to companies outside Australia.

We have customers all over the world and work closely with companies in North and South America, Europe, Japan and South East Asia to help them build better telephony solutions for an ever increasingly wide range of uses.

We were the first telephony hardware vendor to open source our drivers back in 1999. We were also the first in the open source telephony market segment to demonstrate and deliver passive tapping for ISDN lines.

Over the years, we have designed a uniquely powerful and flexible suite of open source telephony development tools and applications built from it, including OpenPBX, VTLogger and CT server. We offer our customers total control of their solutions and the building blocks to create and deploy them rapidly.

Our mission is to provide world class telephony solutions to customers who seek open source hardware and software to solve their particular telephony needs. We are focused on achieving this through product innovation, designs that genuinely solve the hard problems which others shirk, unequalled reliability, and outstanding support.

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