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Tardid Technologies – Autonomous Structural Health Management
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Tardid Technologies has established itself as a prominent IoT company without an equal, in the area of autonomous structural health management and multi-body interaction efficiency. Tardid Brainbox is helping customers big and small solve the challenges of understanding the unpredictable behavior of their machineries or operational infrastructure. By proactively detecting, interpreting and providing human like logical reasoning, we help in reducing downtime exponentially. Tardid offers turnkey predictive solutions to global manufacturing and operational companies and defense.

Tardid an innovative Industrial Internet of Things company, announced a new era of intelligent industry triggered by an increasing level of smart and connected activity. This new era will be as much about moving from systematic casual approach to a new advanced and autonomous analysis of critical structures and machineries, as it is about intelligent products which can interact, even as it requires a thorough re-thinking and re-making of the objects, goods and products which we call things.

At Tardid, we look beyond the industrial internet of things (IIoT) to a boarder understanding of the Age of Intelligence through a augmented approach, we call it cognitive computing. By exploring the deep insights of metallic structures, temperature, pressure, motions, centre-of-mass shifts, emissions, optimization of fuel, multi-body dynamics etc., and new ideas of this connected world, we hope to inspire the machine to interact which apparently will lead to bigger ad better breakthroughs of addressing the dire need of the industry of understanding the machines better to reduce downtime and increase efficiencies across the value chain.

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