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Sysnet Associates (India) Private Limited is a Software Products Company based at Bangalore and is engaged in making of Business Software Products. It aims to supply high-quality Business Systems to any emerging enterprise, in India or Abroad at a very low TCO. To achieve this aim, it invented a Tool called SpApp. Over the last few years, SpApp has emerged as a powerful alternative to building Business systems. SpApp (pronounced as es-p-app) is an Enterprise AppMaker. SpApp is the acronym of Specify (your) Application. It helps to build Business Systems without any programming or usage of databases. Business Systems Building is a Single-Tier, End-user-Oriented Architecture with SpApp, rather than a traditional 3-Tier, Programmatic one. SpApp is a very powerful and a disruptive technology. It questions the assumptions on which business systems are traditionally built & run. It removes most SDLC steps of development process. It dispenses with databases. It does not need coding or generate any code. It does not need IT Staff for Building systems or its Administration. The feeling of system ownership increases in the company, leading to a good success rate. ERP systems are built on SpApp and deployed for customers on project basis. Some of them are on multiple servers. Each of them has resulted in a success on time and money front. Savings exceed 70% of normal budgets Sysnet has made a strong beginning with a Unique, Patented, Made-In-India, SpApp Technology product.

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