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Synaptix Pet Products are formulated to provide your pet with the same benefits of cbd oil for dogs that we humans have discovered. Our pet products are formulated to the highest standards for quality and consistency so that you can reliably treat your pet.

Synaptix CBD Pet 1000 is a high purity cannabis oil specially formulated for pets. It contains 1000mg of pure, isolate derived Cannabidiol (CBD) in organic, grapeseed oil.  Mix into food or drop into pet’s mouth; many dogs happily lick it off the palm of your hand. Suitable initial dosage should be 1 drop per 6 lbs of pet weight.

Synaptix CBD Pet 1000 is formulated to provide a high degree of consistency, so the potency and concentration of this product will not vary significantly from batch to batch, and with easy and precise dosing, will deliver consistent results.

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