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Hi, We’re – A powerful AI-driven management tool for the hybrid office. We help organizations adapt and transition to a remote work reality, all while optimizing office space and boosting productivity. will plan, manage and optimize your office spaces and workforce deployment
Hybrid workforce planning is a deliberate design that enables employees to flow through various work sites — from remote solo locations and microsites of small populations to traditional concentrated facilities.
Our aim is to bring to life an approach that changes the way our customers live and work.
With our AI-driven solution for remote work management, you will create a perfect match between your business growth needs in a number of employees and your facilities needs.
With, you and your employees will reach the fullest potential within today’s world-shifting conditions.


  • You will use your facilities in the most cost-effective way
  • You will significantly reduce your per-employee costs
  • You will rapidly increase your employees’ effectiveness, satisfaction, and work focus

It is your business and your people that matter the most for us. We commit our team ideas and dedication to help your company grow and ensure the proper functioning of all your systems

This is exactly what does:

We will help you to Plan, Optimize, Save, Make More Money by moving to Hybrid Office Management System.

It all starts out on the employee’s mobile app – each week they fill in when they wish to work from home and when from the office (based on your company needs) – and that’s it. And the managers? They choose the planning period, hit a button and algorithm generates a workplan after a deep analysis of dozens of different parameters. Simple, yet not simplistic.

What else is inside?

  • KPI management
  • Productivity,effectiveness and quality measurement
  • Smart Task management
  • Time attendance management
  • Insightful reports and use data

Full integration with API to many 3rd client software

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