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Data Archiving and Information Management:

Records management (RM), also known as records and information management or RIM, is an organizational function devoted to the management of information in an organization throughout its life cycle, from the time of creation or inscription to its eventual disposition. This includes identifying, classifying, storing, securing, retrieving, tracking and destroying or permanently preserving records. The ISO 15489-1: 2001 standard ("ISO 15489-1:2001") defines records management as "[the] field of management responsible for the efficient and systematic control of the creation, receipt, maintenance, use and disposition of records, including the processes for capturing and maintaining evidence of and information about business activities and transactions in the form of records".
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ZL Technologies

ZL Technologies Manages Data Across the Enterprise – YouTube

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Data Migration
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PBS Software
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Delphix Product Demonstration – YouTube

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Prestashop First data global gateway GGe4 Module Demo – YouTube

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