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Top Other Horizontal Services Companies

Other Horizontal Services:

A horizontal market is a market in which a product or service meets a specific need of a wide range of buyers across different sectors of an economy. Compare with vertical market.
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Hot Courses India Pvt Ltd
20-30 USD/hr

AUT University, Texas A& M University-Commerce, University of Dundee

IDS Infotech Ltd
30-50 USD/hr
ISO 9001, BS 7799, AS 9100:2001 for Aerospace Industry

Taylor & Francis UK, Taylor & Francis, Hewer Text UK LTD, Keystrokes UK

Sai BPO Services Ltd
20-30 USD/hr
ISO 9001:2008, ISO/IEC 27001:2005, Six Sigma, ISO 17024

Southern Fast Food Comp. Pvt Ltd., Archaeological Department – University of Witwatersrand, Peasville Studios

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