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A knowledge market is a mechanism for distributing knowledge resources. There are two views on knowledge and how knowledge markets can function. One view uses a legal construct of intellectual property to make knowledge a typical scarce resource, so the traditional commodity market mechanism can be applied directly to distribute it. An alternative model is based on treating knowledge as a public good and hence encouraging free sharing of knowledge. This is often referred to as attention economy. Currently there is no consensus among researchers on relative merits of these two approaches.
AXA Business Services Pvt Ltd

BPO and KPO for end-to-end Insurance and Financial Management

30-50 USD/hr
ISO 9001, BS 7799, Six Sigma, ISO 27001
SPI Technologies India Pvt Ltd

SPI founded in 1994, is an award winning products and service provider for RETAILERS and CPG companies around the world.

20-30 USD/hr
S2S IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

S2S iservices both inbound / outbound calling campaigns for banks, telecom, medical logisitics, collections and sales across different verticals.

SureVin BPO Services Pvt Ltd

Surevin is a state of the art 700+ seat business process outsourcing unit, located in various cities of central India, Headquartered in SanJose, California, USA.

Its biggest asset is our amazing infrastructure and to give justice to it, an equally efficient and skilled technical staff. With an army of work specific trained professionals, we have a perfect blend of exuberant youth led by experienced seniors in the field of telecommunication and management.
SureVin with their 15 years experienced management team is guiding the company towards dynamic growth and success. Our commitment to superior services, reliability and scalability make SureVin the ultimate choice when it comes to outsourcing.

Complete BPO Solutions
Corporate Training
Soft Skill & process training for Call center
HR Consultancy

20-30 USD/hr
ISO 9001
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