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Top Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Companies

Geographic Information Systems (GIS):

A geographic information system (or GIS) is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present spatial or geographic data. The acronym GIS is sometimes used for geographic information science (GIScience) to refer to the academic discipline that studies geographic information systems and is a large domain within the broader academic discipline of geoinformatics. What goes beyond a GIS is a spatial data infrastructure, a concept that has no such restrictive boundaries.
Winfoware Technologies Ltd

Open Source Development and Implementation, Enterprise Mobility Solution, Offshore Development Center, Business Process Management Solutions, Infrastructure Management Services, Converged Communications, IP Infrastructure and security solutions,

Reli-e-Marg Software Consultants Pvt Ltd

Core Software Design, Development and Implementation to Customer Support and Maintenance, IT consulting and solutions provider of software development services and products

RAMTeCh Software Solutions Pvt Ltd

Engineering Services, BPO, Geospatial technologies, Enterprise Application, Business Intelligence, Testing services

Magnasoft Consulting India Pvt Ltd

Geospatial solutions in the areas of photogrammetry, orthophoto production, LiDAR, field survey, geospatial data management, application development, engineering services,3D laser scan processing and 3D modeling

Hexagon Capability Center India Pvt Ltd

Engineering and GIS Software support and services, Computer Aided Dispatch, Business Intelligence

30-50 USD/hr
SEI CMM Level 2, CMMi Level 2, PCMM Level 2, COPC User Version 3.1
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