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Top Customer Interaction Management (CIM) Companies

Customer Interaction Management (CIM):

Customer Interaction Management (CIM) refers to a type of Enterprise Software Application which is responsible for managing the interaction between an organisation and its customers. Normally, a CIM application will be deployed in a contact centre and used by the agents while communicating with clients customers of the organisation. Customer Interaction Management systems handle communication across multiple different channels, such as (but not exclusive to) e-mail, SMS, telephone, Instant Messaging, whitemail (scanned documents) and social media.
Magic Software Inc.

Magic EdTech provides digital learning products and solutions to corporate and education companies.

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Drishti Soft-Solutions

Drishti Soft-Solutions – Ameyo is a pioneering, all-in-one communication suite from Drishti. A multi-channel and multi-modal communication solution, Ameyo can be integrated easily in centralized and distributed (multi-site) contact centers and improves efficiency and productivity.

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