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Top Business/Management Consultants and Certifications Companies

Business/Management Consultants and Certifications:

Management consulting is the practice of helping organizations to improve their performance, operating primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and the development of plans for improvement. Organizations may draw upon the services of management consultants for a number of reasons, including gaining external (and presumably objective) advice and access to the consultants' specialized expertise.
Aon Services India Pvt Ltd

Human resource outsourcing and consulting firm

25-50 USD/hr approx.
Valuewing Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd

Valuewing Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd is a moderate & innovative folks in the service sector and it provide fully integrated services to clients across different industries based on their business needs.

30-50 USD/hr approx.
Maverick Quality Advisory Services Pvt Ltd

MQAS is worldwide SEI partner and REP PMI USA MQAS is doing certifications for CMMI DEV and SVC including high maturity certifications MQAS is also doing PmP certification trainings

30-50 USD/hr approx.
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