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Top Business Processing Re-engineering (BPM) Companies

Business Processing Re-engineering (BPM):

Advaitam Consultancy Private Limited


“Been there and done that” is definitely one of the most potent formula to grow a business. And most organizations have a different set of people for different domains.

What makes us different is the fact that we, our small motely core, have ground our axe across multiple domains. Effectively, less for more

We understand the challenges from a practical angle of cost and efficiency. The focus is on ensuring a better ROI for the client, without comprising on quality.

How do we manage that:

Lean team. Most of the projects are executed by the core members themselves, pulling in consultants only when absolutely imperative. This ensures minimum project costing and the best results. A WIN-WIN for both

1. India’s leading consumer care goods manufacturing company,
2. One of the world’s largest health care enterprise,
3. A top US based hosting company,
4. One of India’s leading human resource assessment enterprise,
5. US based supply chain product company,

Shortlisted Service Providers that would be asked to submit Proposals/ Quotes