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Top Outsourcing/Offshoring Companies


Offshore outsourcing is the practice of hiring an external organization to perform some business functions ("Outsourcing") in a country other than the one where the products or services are actually developed or manufactured ("Offshore"). It can be contrasted with offshoring, in which a company moves itself entirely to another country, or where functions are performed in a foreign country by a foreign subsidiary. Opponents point out that the practice of sending work overseas by countries with higher wages reduces their own domestic employment and domestic investment. Many customer service jobs as well as jobs in the information technology sectors (data processing, computer programming, and technical support) in countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom – have been or are potentially affected.
First Economy Pvt Ltd

We are cost effective and shorter turn around time

12 USD/hr

FedEX, Allcargo, Tata Housing, VU, Star, Proline Fitness, JB Boda Group, Investment Trust of India, CII, JP Infra, Ediffy, Sahara India.

Ally Juridique Aide LLP

Costing Factor – No burden of recruitment of in-house resource, no burden of managing space for an in-house resource, no burden towards flexibility of executives, Interface support access through calls and virtual video call, services dealt by various heads maintaining transparency, office on your screen

$80 per hour
MedBillingExperts – Healthcare Back-Office Support Services

medical billing services, revenue cycle management services, medical coding services, teleradiology services, medical animation services, claim adjudication services, claims processing services, accounts receivable management services

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