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Legal Software and Services

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This category relates to software designed for use by the legal profession.

Trilegal is a full service law firm advising on all aspects of corporate and commercial law in India.

20-30 USD/hr

Legal & Regulatory

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Universal Legal

Litigation,employment law,family law,bankruptcy law,criminal law,corporate taxation

20-30 USD/hr
J. Sagar Associates

A leading national law firm dealing with corporate commercial, corporate finance, financial and securities Laws, indirect taxation and international law

20-30 USD/hr
VFS Global Services Pvt Ltd

Consular Outsourcing Services

30-50 USD/hr
SEI CMM Level 2, CMMi Level 2, ISO 9001, BS 7799, Six Sigma

Federal Republic of Germany

o3 Capital Global Advisory Pvt Ltd

A global investment banking firm that provides independent advice on mergers and acquisitions and capital raising, as well as asset management services to corporations, partnerships, institutions and individuals.

30-50 USD/hr approx.

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