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SabeeApp is a cloud based hotel management software and online application. This system could be used from nearly every platform making day-to-day hotel management easier. The main advantage of using SabeeApp is that its design is based on the technologies of large hotel companies but it is tailored to meet the requirements and expectations of smaller hotels.

This hotel software and booking engine has many different features which are integrated in a single interface where you can manage day to day decisions, alterations and new add-ons of your business. With the help of this app you can save up to 4 hours a day due to lifting you from the tiring administration tasks. Think about what you can do with 4 plus workhours every day. Sabeapp features include:

Frontdesk system: also known as hotel property management system (PMS) helps you simplify reporting, housekeeping, invoicing and check ins. It also downloads information about all your guest profiles and history in your hotel so you can make a personalized service just for them every time they come back. A satisfied and happy guest is going to increase the value of your company on the long run.

Hotel channel manager: today hundreds of online travel agencies (OTA) can be used to make hotel reservations. Your business has better opportunities to get bookings if you connect your reservation system with theirs. SabeeApp can integrate with more than 50 OTAs and synchronize with all of them with only one click. This way you will avoid those painful overbookings.

Booking engine: SabeeApp self-made booking engine can be added to your website easily. It is completely commission free, SSL secured and Tripadvisor certified. The clear design and easy to use interface helps you get more reservations.

Hotel payment gateway: this feature is secured and built for one click payments. Major boons are the refund handling, comfortable check-out xp and the automatic invoice system.

SabeeApp incredible support team and transparent work ethics makes sure that every client gets a hotel management solution specially tailored for its business. The setup of the software is fast and you get all the help from our advisors during the instalment.

Check out more information at the SabeeApp website.

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