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Did you know that online shopping is causing a MASSIVE dip in sales for Independent Retail Stores LIKE YOU, across the US?

So please also share this message with other retailers you may know who are impacted by this (or even box competition).

We help retailers convert inventory to cash. In fact, in my experience often WAY more than if you sold your business AS AN ONGOING business…

Finding buyers for businesses with a slow track record is tough.

Over the years we’ve generated more than $50,000,000+ in retail sales for our clients.

All communications are 100% confidential.

To know more, you can

– See our website

– See our business video on YouTube

Retail Sales PRO is an exceptional consulting company specializing in store closing and liquidation. It has been providing retail store closing and liquidation services for over 20+ years now.

Retail Sales PRO operates with a unique system. Clever use of social media, the internet, and efficient print media keeps your marketing budget to minimum and your reputation intact.

Retail Sales PRO’s store closing retail liquidation processes are endorsed by celebrated retail legends, so you have the comfort of knowing you’re working with the best retail liquidation company for your business closing sale.

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