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Building on our experience, we are delivering the next generation of merchandising solutions – unified yet modular, and earning our clients’ business every day with our software-as-a-service model.
That’s our goal at Predictix. We help retailers make better decisions every day in:

Planning & allocation
Assortment & space
Pricing & promotions
Forecasting & replenishment
More and more retailers, wholesalers and brands are switching to Predictix from their traditional alternatives. Predictix software solutions are delivered over the web, on demand, with a simple monthly subscription. No hardware or software to buy, no operations, maintenance, or upgrade headaches – our clients say goodbye to the risky, monolithic approach of investing in traditional software solutions. Let us show you how.

Experience delivering innovation

This is not the first time we design, build and deliver retail planning, pricing, forecasting or replenishment solutions. We have worked with and for many of the world’s leading retailers and brands, designed and built the last generation of “behind the firewall” software, and defined the sophisticated science under the covers.?? This experience has allowed us to deliver what’s possible when you start with a clean slate, and with technology that’s far more advanced than the 10, 15, or even 20 year old technology in the “current” generation of retail systems. Predictix solutions are simply more powerful, flexible, and scalable than previous systems. This allows our clients to enjoy better solutions, and allows us to deliver these solutions to them iteratively, delivering value early and growing and evolving with our clients’ needs.

We also believe retailers, and the brands that sell through them, should think about planning, pricing, forecasting and replenishment together. Why? Because customers don’t buy item by item, facing by facing, or price by price. The range of products you choose for your stores, how you place them on the shelf, how you price them, how you promote them, and how well you replenish them, all create a unified impression – and drive your customers’ buying decisions.

That’s why Predictix not only provides solutions in each of the above areas, but solutions that span these areas for our clients. They in turn drive more value from these integrated decisions than what is possible from disconnected solutions.

Our clients also value our practical approach. We understand that you have significant investments in existing technologies, and we help you leverage these investments. We also realize that while your needs may encompass many areas over time, your daily reality often mandates that you focus on just one area at a time. That’s why our solutions are modular, so each stands on its own and is best-in-class. Yet as a group our solutions provide more value than the sum of their parts, and without the additional time and cost inherent in trying to piece together disparate solutions.

Perhaps most important, our customers value the caliber of our people and our focus on their best interests. Our team combines experienced retailers, consultants, scientists, and technologists with deep planning, pricing, and forecasting experience. Our clients turn to us because with our solutions and expertise, they see better and faster results than with any other software provider.

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