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Pert, home automation is part of the next generation of home automation companies within India that provides you with a modern home that wholeheartedly embraces intelligent, reliable technology.

We allow our customers a more significant measure of control and security over their homes. Our services are accessible, affordable, easy to install, safe and secure, and completely retrofit-table.

When it comes to home automation, and smart homes (particularly smart home India), Pert makes it easier to be in control. With our intelligent and user-friendly app, Pert brings about a seamless assimilation of home automation systems with the Smartphone, granting you absolute authority over your home, from the convenience of your palm.

Pert, Home Automation India, is the next generation innovative home automation that lets you control your home from mobile,from anywhere.

Our products:


Pert 8 Node

A Wi-Fi enabled smart device that is easily installable, energy efficient, completely retrofittable and comes with customizable schedules.

Pert 4 Node

A Wi-Fi enabled smart device that is easily installable within an existing 4 module switchboard, energy efficient, easily programmable and highly modular.

Pert Plug

A Wi-fi enabled smart plug that is highly convenient, adaptable, energy efficient, and extremely easy to set up.


Pert Multi-sensor

A Wi-Fi enabled smart Sensor, that comes with IR Transmitter, IR Receiver, Temperature, Luminosity & Gas Sensor.

Pert RGB Lighting

With 16 million colors to choose from, Pert’s lighting solutions are easy to set-up, completely adaptable, and come equipped with mood settings and customized routines.

Pert Curtain Control

Pert Curtain Control makes your curtains smart and remotely operational from anywhere, and is easily installable, durable, retrofittable, customizable,  energy efficient, and integrable.


Pert Motion Sensor

A battery based PIR Sensor, it is highly efficient, super sensitive, easily installed, and extremely secure.

Pert Door Sensor India

A battery based Sensor that works on RF Technology, it is reliable and is easy to set-up. It keeps tabs on who comes/goes to/from your home and provides real-time updates to your smart devices.

Pert Smart Lock  India

Pert Smart Lock grants keyless access to people at your command and comes in a newer, intelligent design with reinforced security and smarter efficiency.

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