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The People Capital peer-to-peer student loan lending platform facilitates lending decisions based on a student’s “potential” rather than credit payment history.

Recent events in the capital markets have led to overly harsh treatment of student borrowing. Not only have lenders fled the market, but also, those that have stayed, are unable to best distinguish between good and bad risks. We aim to address both issues.

The People Capital platform generates liquidity in the market by matching all lenders with all borrowers, not just “family and friends.” Institutional lenders remain the largest source of capital in these markets.

Our Human Capital Score is based on the work of leading academics, and addresses the challenge of how to assess the creditworthiness of those just starting their credit histories. It underwrites students without credit history, FICO scores or co-signers by projecting individual income levels and ability to pay indebtedness. We incorporate GPAs, SAT scores, internships, college and major to providing a true and unbiased, data-driven measure of economic value of an education. Our credit assessments will allow lenders to make credit risk decisions based on the true potential of the borrower.

Poised for funding the 2009 academic year, People Capital, Inc. was founded in 2008 by a team of world-class talent with backgrounds in student lending, consumer finance, credit ratings and new media to develop the next generation of credit risk management and funding for student financing.

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