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Panorama Software

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With Panorama’s unbeatable expertise and support, companies have a BI solution that fits all their needs, not just their technical requirements. With Panorama, companies go beyond BI insights and engage in proactive business management. Panorama allows the entire organization to leverage and use the BI system. Panorama’s Business Intelligence solution provides advanced analytics for power users and self-service features such as Collaborative BI, Contextual Data Discovery and process automation for business users. Regardless of BI experience, users can get easily focus on important and relevant data to for business decision making.
Business Intelligence 3.0
Panorama Software helps companies grow revenues, reduce costs and improve corporate performance by enabling collaborative decision making and unlocking actionable insights contained within their data. Leading the Business Intelligence 3.0 revolution, Panorama Software offers a new generation of BI solutions that introduces a unique way to connect data, insights, and people in the organization and enables users gain insights more quickly, more efficiently, and with greater relevancy. Panorama Necto is a Business Intelligence 3.0 solution that bridges the gap between IT and business users with one unified solution that satisfies the needs of both through a single web-based UI. Necto is the only solution that brings together the best of Data Discovery and Enterprise BI through collaboration and unique contextual connection. Necto allows users to connect to any data source and model data using in-memory technology, analyze it using suggestive insights and collaborate with recommended colleagues – all in a single web-based user interface and controlled, secure environment.
Panorama Partnerships and Operations
Founded in 1993, Panorama Software is the original developer of the OLAP technology that was acquired by Microsoft in 1996, which was rebranded as SQL Server Analysis Services and integrated into the SQL Server platform. Since that sale, Panorama has been focused on delivering innovative Business Intelligence solutions for Microsoft and other BI platforms. Panorama streamlines business operations through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and on-premise BI solution for thousands of customers worldwide and has a wide eco-system of partners in 30 countries, maintaining offices in Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Israel.

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