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MLM Software Pro By Tech Genius

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MLM Software pro is one of the top business software for multi level marketing business can be found in India. This advanced application was developed by Tech Genius Solutions from Kolkata, West Bengal. Since they came into this industry on 2007, creating custom made advanced MLM Software.

All kinds of MLM compensation plans can be managed with this MLM Software Pro. As on today, there are almost 12+ MLM business strategies are there, like – Binary, Hybrid, Generation and Party etc. All those different business strategies can be integrated with this software module. And they will run smoothly with this application.

Apart from handling different MLM plans, it also take care of all the compensation and payments, employee and clients information, branch reporting, MIS reports and many more. The company has hired different network marketing professionals to assist them in this development. Their expert advice on this field was very crucial to develop this best MLM Software in India.

There is also another crucial feature we wish to inform about. Tech Genius has enabled maximum security protocols with their MLM Software. So that in any point, none can hack it even if they wish for it. Armed with modern programming languages like Python, MySQL, .PHP, it offers the best security environment for your direct selling business.

The company also employed some of the best tech support in Kolkata. The support team assisting 100 plus different clients from all over India and abroad. Most of their clients are very happy and many of them have posted their satisfaction via different platforms. It is one of the best reviewed MLM Software company in India.

Tech Genius also offers free software demo. So if any multilevel marketing professional got interest in this MLM Software, he or she can ask for a software demonstration for free.

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