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Maxymizely is an innovative discovery-oriented platform for mobile & web applications that combines big data analytics with predictive modeling. With Maxymizely, you will be able to improve ROI for your app, increase user engagement and lifetime value, identify the most successful targeting segments for your marketing campaigns, and decrease inefficiencies of your app.

Today, you will be able to sign up for our analytical platform, start testing and monitoring your user data in real time. Check out our live Demo and sign up to get started with Maxymizely.

Maxymizely specializes in predictive modeling using user attributes and past user behavior as the key pieces. Maxymizely’s algorithms can estimate “user value” as well as what content would resonate best with your app users (“content value”). Maxymizely does not require additional resources for integration. Anyway, if you have any troubles with integration, our support team will assist you or integrate you.

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