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Maclight OLED Display Module

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MACLIGHT DISPLAY is a professional and accomplished LCD display company with over 10 years of experience in providing an LCD display module. We export wholesale LCD display products with cheap prices, professional design, best quality support, long term supply and fast delivery.

Our qualified display products include small OLED display, bar lcd display, custom TFT display, round LCD display and more.

What Are The Features Of the OLED  Display Modules?

OLED is a self luminescent material, which does not need a backlight board. It has the advantages of wide viewing angle, uniform image quality, fast response speed, easy colorization, simple driving circuit, simple manufacturing process, and flexible panel. It conforms to the principle of light, thin and short, and its application scope belongs to small and medium-sized panels.

Display: active lighting, wide viewing angle range; fast response speed, stable image; high brightness, rich color and high resolution.

Working conditions: low driving voltage, low energy consumption, matching with solar cells, integrated circuits, etc.

Wide adaptability: large area flat panel display can be realized by using a glass substrate; if flexible material is used as a substrate, a foldable display can be made. Because OLED is a solid-state, non vacuum device, which has the characteristics of anti-seismic swing and low temperature (- 40 ℃), it also has very important applications in the military, such as display terminal of the tank, aircraft and other modern weapons.

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