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Since 1994, hundreds of Fortune 1000 and FTSE 100 enterprises have standardized on Longview’s Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Tax Reporting software to create a single source of financial truth, realizing significant improvements in data integrity, decision support, visibility and financial transparency.

Longview has been recognized as a “Visionary” by Gartner for seven consecutive years and routinely receives top rankings in industry benchmark surveys including the recent Gartner CPM Suites User Survey 2012.

The Longview Advantage

But at Longview it’s about more than just technology. It’s about focus, partnership, customer satisfaction, solving real business problems and delivering tangible, measurable business benefits. That’s why Longview ranks among the highest in overall value for money and has an exceptional track record of customer satisfaction.

At Longview we believe that solutions for strategic finance should be built by finance experts for finance users.

We believe that we are a strategic business partner, not just a technology provider. That’s why Integrys calls us “a genuine partner in our business” and Brunswick says Longview has “always taken a true partnership approach to our relationship.”

We believe that all customers are entitled to superior customer service and technical support. That’s why the finance team at 24 Hour Fitness remembers “receiving terrific support from the Longview team” and the Group Finance Manager at Tribal Group said “This level of support is very unusual in my experience with software companies.” Longview consistently receives outstanding rankings in customer responsiveness and overall customer support.

At Longview we believe that the true measure of an effective business partner is successful project implementation and generating real business results. That’s why at Trustmark “we were very reactive and focused mainly on the past…but with Longview, we got the tools to help us completely transform the way we do business”.

At Longview, we believe that the best technology in the world is only as good as the people that use it and the benefits it creates. Our team takes pride in demonstrating these beliefs each day while ensuring our customers achieve success.

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