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Title: : How to setup linksys smart wi-fi router

Description: How To Setup New linksys router through open your browser and search , You can also contact us.

Body: – , The Linksys wireless routers are one of the best networking hardware. These high-end wireless and wired networking devices can be used in the network only after their successful configuration. , The users are required to go through the device setup so it can be made usable in the network.  Updating the Linksys smart wireless routers is an integral part of the router usage., The Linksys router needs to be accessed either through or through the Local IP or in order to get to the setup web page of the router for update.

How to update the firmware of the Linksys wireless router? , First and the foremost thing to do is that the user will be required to download the firmware update file from the downloads section of the Linksys website. Below is the detailed guide of updating the Linksys firmware through

  • Now that you have downloaded the firmware update file from the Linksys portal, linksyssmartwifi
  • Open the web browser of your PC and enter the local web address of and enter login user credentials. , linksyssmartwifi
  • The default values for both the username and password are “admin”. The login credentials are case sensitive values. , linksyssmartwifi
  • Once you are into the Linksys smart wifi setup interface, select the ADVANCED>Administration tab and then click the FIRMWARE UPDATE>UPDATE tabs. , linksyssmartwifi
  • Then click the browse button to locate and select the update file for installing the updated firmware version on the router hardware. , linksyssmartwifi
  • The Linksys firmware update process will be initiated itself and the process will be completed in a few minutes of the user’s time. , linksyssmartwifi

Important- It is very important to note that any type of core processes being done on the router shouldn’t be interrupted in any case. If any interruption occurs between any of the processes, it can lead to the firmware corruption and the device may even lose all the data stored in it. Thus making the device unusable. , linksyssmartwifi

Linksys smart wifi setup

  • , Open the web browser of your computer system and enter the web address of com or the local static IP or , Linksyssmartwifi
  • , Authenticate your login with a username a. , Linksyssmartwifi
  • , Once you are into the Linksys smart wifi setup page, click the WAN or internet settings tab and select the appropriate connection type from the drop-down list of connections. , Linksyssmartwifi
  • , Select the connection type PPPoE and fill in all the details like username and password provided by your concerned service providers. , Linksyssmartwifi
  • , If you want to change the default login password, then click the Wireless security tab and fill in the old/default password once and the new password twice to confirm the password combination. , Linksyssmartwifi
  • , Click save and apply the changes tab and then reboot now tab to get all the settings applied to your Linksyssmartwifi router. , Linksyssmartwifi ,  The Linksys smart wifi router will now be configured with the latest settings and your device will now be ready for any future networking purposes. ,

Linksys smart wifi router password change , The default router login password for the Linksys wireless is “admin” or “password”. This is the default login password for the router; however, it is strongly advised to get the passphrase changed after the router is configured for the first time. , linksyssmartwifi

Follow the steps described below to get your router’s password changed.

  1. , Open the web browser on your computer system or the smartphone (whichever device is connected to the wireless router) and enter the web address of com in the URL bar. , linksyssmartwifi
  2. , Now, you will be required to authenticate your login with a username and password. Enter the default login credentials and carry on. , linksyssmartwifi
  3. , Now, select the wireless security in the router setup homepage and then enter the old default password once and then enter the new password twice to confirm the credentials. , linksyssmartwifi
  4. , Save changes and log out of your Linksys wireless router setup interface. , linksyssmartwifi

Linksys sign in admin page issues , Although the Linksys smart wifi routers are very reliable and efficient in their working, sometimes equipment tends to give its user trouble due to their own mishandling or misuse of the device. In those cases what you need to do is just check the cause for the router admin page issues. There are several reasons due to which you might not get to the Linksys router’s admin page. These are listed below.

  • Incorrect web and IP address of the router quoted in the URL bar of the browser.
  • Improper Ethernet cable connection
  • An incompatible and outdated version of the browser being used

Incorrect web and IP address used for setup page access. , This is the most common mistake we see on a daily basis. The Average user of the Linksys smart wifi router is either unaware of the correct spellings of the local IP of the router or the local web address of a router which is “” and “ or”.

Make sure to specify the correct web and IP address for accessing the setup interface of the router.

Improper Ethernet cable connection, The Improper Ethernet cable connection is another reason behind the user’s router access failure. Here is what you can do, just make sure that the Ethernet cables are connected to their designated ports. Also, check the Ethernet cables for any possible wear and tear. The Ethernet cable type is also an important factor, the RJ45 Ethernet cable is only compatible with these networking devices.

Problems with the web browsers One other major point of concern is the use of web browsers for accessing the Linksys smart wifi router setup page. Always use the full-fledged and updated versions of the web browser in order to successfully access the Linksys wireless router’s setup page.

Linksys smart wi-fi connection methods , In order to make the router or modem device usable, the device needs to be configured as we know. But in order to configure the device successfully, a proper hardware interconnection is needed. The Linksys smart wifi router can be connected to the computer and modem device through one of the below-mentioned methods.

  • WPS connection
  • Wifi connection
  • Ethernet cable connection

Ethernet cable connection– The Ethernet cable connection is the most preferred way of getting your router device connected to the computer system or the modem. However, the users most of the times connect their router devices to the computer system over wifi only.

Now let us show you how you can easily get your Linksys smart wifi router connected to the computer system via LAN (Ethernet cables).

  • Connect your modem device to the router’s internet (WAN) port through an Ethernet cable. linksyssmartwifi
  • Similarly, connect the computing device to any of the available LAN ports of the router with another LAN cable. linksyssmartwifi
  • Now switch on the whole system and wait for few seconds. You are now ready to start the configuration of the device once the hardware is set up. linksyssmartwifi

WPS connection WPS stands for wifi protected setup; this is the fastest available wireless connection method. In the WPS connection method, the user is required to push the WPS button on the devices. Read the more detailed guide about setting up the Linksys router up with the computer system below. linksyssmartwifi

  • , Switch on the power supply of your Linksys wireless router and wait for few seconds or a minute. , linksyssmartwifi
  • , Now that your Linksys router is awake and stable, push the WPS button given on your Linksys router and select the WPS connection in your Internet and networks section. , linksyssmartwifi
  • , Important points to remember , linksyssmartwifi
  • , The WPS button needs to be pushed simultaneously or at least within two minutes of time after pushing the WPS button on the router or else this wireless connection will be terminated and the user will be required to get the connection setup all over again. , linksyssmartwifi

Wifi connection

  • linksyssmartwifi The wireless connection (wifi connection) is the most widely used method of getting your Linksys wireless router. In the simple wifi connection, just switch on your Linksys smart wifi router and wait for the router device to get stable, you can check the LED panel of the router and see if the wifi and DSL LEDs are stable and solid green/amber. , linksyssmartwifi
  • linksyssmartwifi , Once the LEDs turn solid green or amber, just open the wireless connections section on your computer system and you will see a list of wifi connections available. , linksyssmartwifi
  • linksyssmartwifi Select the SSID of your Linksys router and connect your computer to that wireless network. , linksyssmartwifi

  • , The router’s login password will not be required as this will be the first time connection of the router and by default, there is no particular wireless security on the router. , linksyssmartwifi
  • , Once you are connected to the router’s open network, open the web browser again and enter the web address of in the URL bar of the browser. , linksyssmartwifi
  • , Provide the required login details like the default username and the password which are “admin” for both cases. , linksyssmartwifi Your router will now be connected to your computer system and you just need to perform the router configuration as mentioned above. Read and perform the instructions mentioned above in the article and your Linksys smart wifi router will be configured within no time. , linksyssmartwifi

How to resolve the poor wifi signal issue in Linksys routers? , linksys  routers are although very efficient in delivering the wireless data transmission and wireless signals as well. However, it is important to note that sometimes, unwarily or deliberately the users create some obstacles between the router and the connecting wifi device like smartphones or laptops etc. , linksyssmartwifi

Now, go through the list of possible causes and solutions for poor wifi signals in Linksys routers.

Causes of weak wifi strength

  1. , Obstacles between the router and the device like flooring, furniture, walls and other electronic devices etc. , linksyssmartwifi
  2. , The wireless signal receiving and emitting devices cordless telephones, radio devices, TVs etc. can also weaken the wifi signals by interfering in the router’s wireless channels. , linksyssmartwifi
  3. , Improper tuning and configuration of the router , linksyssmartwifi
  4. , Don’t keep your Linksys wifi router near to another day to day electronic equipment like Microwave, refrigerator etc. , linksyssmartwifi

Solutions to the above-mentioned issues

Tune your Linksys smart wifi router. Get all the wireless range settings right on your Linksys smart wifi router. Select the correct frequency bands, Check for any issues in the Wireless channels. , linksyssmartwifi Point the external antennas away from each other to get the wifi signals spread over the entire space. , linksyssmartwifi

Removing the obstacles , Try to remove all the tangible and intangible obstacles between the router and the connecting device like smartphones and laptop computers etc. , linksyssmartwifi

Update the firmware of the Linksys smart wifi router , Updating the firmware of the Linksys wireless router always helps in increasing the efficiency and reliability of the router device. It is most likely to happen that when you update the firmware of your Linksys wireless router, the wifi signal strength is also going to increase. , linksyssmartwifi

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