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“Intello Labs – Bringing AI to Agriculture

A simple photograph-through-mobile can change the farmer’s life – this is truly game-changing

We develop computer vision based solutions for Agriculture problems with images as our key data to provide insightful and actionable recommendations

Grain quality is critical to all role players in grain value chain – from producer to consumer. In absence of proper grading system, impurities level have gone up to 10-15% from 3-5% in the past and wheat farmers are not incentivized to produce quality grain. Our grading solution would not only encourage farmers to grow better grains but also help them get fair pricing for their produce, reduce impurity level and save on costs of getting the quality inspected by grain inspectors. Assured end-use quality, better procurement decisions and saving on costs of grading machine equipment would be value addition for grain buyers.

In Indian Agriculture, there are several inefficiencies; first of all, there is a massive issue of transparency; farmers do not have adequate knowledge of how good their product is, and hence how to price it; there is also lack of clarity on chances of the produce getting impacted by pests; it is difficult for producers to determine shelf life of the commodities. “

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