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InfoVista enables cost-effective orchestration of optimal network performance across the entire life-cycle and across all domains of the ever growing network: from the data center to the access network, across all services, and across all technologies of both the mobile and fixed networks.

Our solutions help fixed, mobile and broadband communications service providers (CSPs), and IT-intensive enterprises to improve the customer experience, reduce customer churn and deliver differentiated services, while improving the capital efficiency of their infrastructure. The real-time network and customer intelligence we gather from today’s information-rich networks enables them to balance cost-efficiency and customer satisfaction by assuring service quality, managing network performance, optimizing network configurations, and planning the technology upgrades required to handle future network and service demands.

Our mobile network planning products enable mobile operators to map out the evolution of their RAN and backhaul networks in ways that maximize network performance while reducing network costs. Through a relentless focus on accuracy and innovation since the early days of mobile telecommunications in the late 1980s, we are proud that more than two billion subscribers across 120 countries are using mobile networks planned by operators leveraging our Mentum Planet, Mentum Ellipse and Mentum Fusion software.

Today, these trusted network planning and engineering solutions are also the most technologically advanced on the market. They offer full support for all radio technologies including LTE and LTE-Advanced as well as heterogeneous networks. As a result, InfoVista is uniquely positioned to help mobile operators overcome the challenges associated with growing mobile data demand, while minimizing their network costs.

Our interoperable network, service and application performance management products collect, process and correlate large volumes of heterogeneous performance data in real time from the network, and transform it into actionable network intelligence to ensure a high quality of service and quality of experience.

Through our real-time network visibility platform, our customers can manage their network, service and application performance, control and plan capacity build-outs, and troubleshoot and resolve network issues before they impact their customers. With more than 80% of the world’s tier 1 CSPs relying on InfoVista’s network performance management and application performance management products, we understand the operational challenges associated with the management of the most sophisticated networks, including those that contain hundreds of thousands of network elements in multiple domains – from the IP core to the edge/access network, with complete technology and multi-vendor coverage.

Our core and mobile network optimization products enable operators to increase their operational efficiency through the automation of their network optimization tasks. With full support for multi-domain (access and backhaul), multi-vendor and multi-technology networks, InfoVista’s network optimization products can help CSPs better leverage their existing network assets and ensure that the growth in data demand will not be immediately associated with a degradation in service quality.

And with our customer-centric network optimization products that leverage network information alongside with subscriber insights, we enable mobile operators to troubleshoot QoS problems smarter and faster across all radio access network technologies, in order to cost-effectively deliver a consistent, high-quality mobile user experience.

Our industry leading, web 2.0 portal interface demonstrates the proof-point of CSPs’ high-performing VPN, Internet and cloud services, to drive customer acquisition in the highly competitive business services market. With meaningful network performance management and application performance management KPIs that both enterprise and small to medium business customers can understand, plus collaborative, self-service visibility capabilities that they value, InfoVista’s solutions enable CSPs to deliver differentiated services, resulting in increased market share and customer retention.

Whether delivering basic SLA compliance reporting for point-to-point services or advanced, real-time analytics with application performance visibility for high-value business services, InfoVista provides communications service providers with the best multi-domain, multi-vendor and multi-tenant service assurance and customer reporting solutions.

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