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” IDOS is a cloud based accounting, compliance & business intelligence software.
IDOS is very simple to use and is highly automated. It does not require the user to have prior knowledge of accounting. The software is very intuitive and enables the user to select simple options from a drop down menu.
IDOS eliminates accounting errors in the transactions. The user just selects what transaction he is processing and also selects from drop down menu, basic elements of a transaction such as which branch, party name and item name. Once these elements are selected and submitted, the software automatically updates all ledgers, computes tax (GST / TDS as applicable) updates inventory and even cash / bank account with just one click and possibility of human error in this process is eliminated.

IDOS is helping business with:
>Simplified & automated Internal financial controls & regulatory compliance (including GST) in SME sector
>Ensuring accuracy in transaction processing through automation in accounting process
>Automatically connecting the source data with reporting modules to make decision making reports available in realtime >Access controls to protect privacy of data and ensuring each user sees what he is authorised to see
>Enabling businesses to access bank loans and capital through integration with loan portfolio (also enable banks to secure utilisation of funds for approved purposes)
>Enable SME to build capacity efficiently and without increasing costs”

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