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Geographical Indications Tagged World Premium Products Pvt Ltd (GI Tagged)

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Geographical Indication Tagged World Premium Products (p) Limited is a network of celebrated products worldwide. We intend to build a community of all those consumers who have remained out of reach of such products by providing them with such distinct flavors of the Land, from that very Land.

Sustainable Development
The Legacy of Geographical Indication Products was not built in a day but has journeyed through ages and has been carefully preserved and handed over to generations. We, intend to accomplish a world class company which beliefs in “Sustainable Development” so that this Legacy of GI Tagged products embraces not only the present but the future Generations as well.

Consumer surplus
We strongly believe that our consumers should be provided with consumer surplus hence we produce, procure and market renowned Geographical Indications Tagged products.

Three Pillars Of Our Organization
The Craft, the Craftsmen, and the Consumers are the three pillars of our organization.
Understanding each pillar becomes very much essential in order to revive the craft, to encourage the craftsmen and to bring about a sense of Satisfaction in our customers. Today as an Organization, we can proudly say that the balance is restored.

Costing Disclosure
The Objective of every Organization is to provide authentic products to its customers at a reasonable price but unfortunately, many factors come into play, starting from procurement to delivery, as a result, various cost additions become inevitable.

As an organization, we believe in transparency and therefore complete costing of each product is displayed for our customers in the Pricing Tab of the product page.

Our Customers will have an edge in customizing the auxiliaries to minimize various cost additions on their desired Gitagged products, bringing it close to the Procurement Cost.

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