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Product analytics platform Fibotalk is a modern platform for product and user behavioral analytics . It is ideal for Web and mobile applications of Saas, Ecommerce and Fintech.

Fibotalk is disrupting product analytics arena with
Frictionless implementation with one time integration of tracking code. Do away with long planning and coordination with multiple teams and go live within hours.
Data collection: Track all user events and application performance parameters. Fibo code tracks user activities like clicks and page views by default. It also tracks system performance parameters like page load times, API latency, and failures on user devices and browsers. With no data ever lost, you can do analytics of past user behavior with every changing KPI or feature release.
Super simple configuration. Decoupling KPI definition from implementation. Our innovation of track all events always and select important events anytime. You don’t have to depend on experts to pull reports. We have simplified the process of report generation with simple KPI definition processes. Like to track feature adoption, you just need to define the events that make that feature and all the associated reports and user cohorts are automatically generated.

Fibotalk helps you to:
– Understand product utilization and adoption
– Catch potential user churn early.
– Find effective channels of conversion an allocate budget accordingly.
– Find ROI on products and features.
– Monitor product performance.

Achieve Analytics Objectives
– Analyze how each product feature is getting used.
– Which users are adopting the Product most?
– Classify users in Segments.
– Are users facing issues like slow loading,
– High API latency or complex workflows?
– Which features are revenue drivers and how users are interacting with it?
– Identify the friction points in the product?
– Fix and analyze impact.
– Get list of users who are losing interest based on usage pattern trends. These are early
indicators of churn.
– Nudge users who have not used the most valuable or new features.
– Collect user sentiment as NPS (Net Promoter Score).

What Fibotalk Offers :

Product Analytics
•Monitor application performance per user
•Affected user list
•Usage analytics
•Feature adoption
•Conversion analysis
•Trends of core KPIs like logins.
•Custom event configuration

User Deep-Dive
•Customer health
•Advanced cohorts
•Losing interest list
•Conversion analysis
•Bad actors and pseudo

User Engagement and sentiment
•Nudge users to features, up-sell and subscription reminder
•NPS (Net Promoter Score)

Looking for an effective product analytics tool for your application ? Signup for Fibotalk’s trial today.

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