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Ferruccio Milanesi: Sartorial House 

We specialized in entirely handcrafted exclusive Bespoke, Custom made to Measure, and Sartorial Ready to Wear suiting and accessories, Men’s Image and style consulting. 

Our expertise: 

✔ Unique handcrafted Bespoke & Custom made suits and accessories. 

✔ Men’s body shape expert 

✔ Master tailor 

✔ Style and Image Consultation 

✔ Custom Wardrobe advisor and wardrobe evaluation 

✔ Wedding costume, Tuxedos, and accessories 

✔ The custom clothing, and accessories for Movie and theater 

✔ Goodyear welted “Handmade”​ shoes. 

✔ Handcrafted and glue-free handbags, wallets and Belts| 


What makes Ferruccio Milanesi products and services unique? 

✔ One on one customer service 

✔ Creating a unique style for individuals 

✔ Hand-basted by a master tailor with Neapolitan canvasing construction on the full chest, lapels, and collar. 


Suits are entirely made by hand with over 60 hours of artisanal and mastery craft. 

Exclusive fabrics, baby cashmere and wool up to 11 .2 Micron 

Post-purchase maintenance services 

Unique style creation after in-depth consultation in one on one 

One of a kind accessories 

Handpainted unique pocket square and ties 

Goodyear welted shoes 

Glue-free handbags, belt, and Wallets 

Mobility of our expert team, If the customers can not come to us, we go to their office, hotel room, or Home. 


HOW DO WE SERVE YOU? ➜ One on one customer service | Private! 

Contact us 

☛ +1 (604) 336 1315 | (604) 801 6200 

[email protected]

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