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GroTron – Autonomous Precision Agriculture Ecosystem using IoT, ML, AI

Precision Agriculture is made possible by use of modern technology. Precision Agriculture requires high level of accuracy in maintaining the balance between air and water content of soil in addition to feeding the plants with right amount of nutrients at the right time for optimal productivity. However, it is next
to impossible to measure these manually all the time and maintain.

Soil moisture of between 35% and 50% ensures the right aeration in the soil, and the plants consume the supplied nutritions very optimally. Our project, code named as GroTron monitors soil moisture 24×7 and operates valves and pumps synchronously as and when necessary and hence maintaining the soil moisture at the optimal level is guaranteed.

GroTron AI engine can automatically analyse the soil and water reports and derive the right nutrition requirement, and predict the potential quantum of harvest. This data is then used by GroTron to dispense the right amount of nutrition to the right plot at the right time, which substantially improves the chances of greater and predictable yield.

GroTron AI engine can also identify pests, diseases, nutrient deficiency or genetical disorders of plants, and suggest remedies. Furthermore, it can list the actual products available in the market to solve the identified issue and get that delivered to the farm.

Fertilisers stock at farm is autonomously monitored and vendors alerted about the next set of requirements, this will help a farm never run out of fertilisers, which again helps maintain precision agriculture.

Potential buyers are intimated about the upcoming harvests, which we anticipate to reduce the incidents of distress sale.

The exact quantum of water consumed can be measured, which helps in planning for new crops. The pressure maintained in the irrigation pipes can be monitored to observe for any abnormalities and farmers can be alerted to fix potential issues. pH & EC can be monitored realtime.

A local weather station can be attached to GroTron optionally to adjust the irrigation and fertigation patterns to make it even more optimal.

The quality of the power is being monitored 24×7 and irrigation or fertigation are carried out only when the power situation is good. So, GroTron can operate the farm when there is power, a farmer doesn’t have to keep monitoring for power availability.

If a farm has a Generator, GroTron can even switch on the same and use it to power the irrigation system when grid supply is unavailable, and fall back to grid supply when its back. When irrigation is complete, GroTron will turn off the Generator so that no fuel is wasted unnecessarily.

Overall GroTron has the potential to bring down the water requirement by up to 70% and enhance the yield by up to 60% on an average.

Overall GroTron has the potential to bring down the water requirement by up to 70% and enhance the yield by up to 60% on an average.

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