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Fajira is an online business management solution aimed at helping business owners as well as their customers. It comprises of 4 different apps, Customer’s Frontend App, Order Receiving App, Delivery App and an Admin App. All of these apps have their respective scope of work, synched and coordinated together to offer you a seamless online business management experience. All these apps are available for Android as well as iOS, with the Admin App also being offered in Desktop version. When you buy Fajira for your business, it also includes setting up a dedicated website for you, and your customers can order from the website as well, in addition to ordering from their Android or iOS ordering apps. You can view the order details in your Order Receiving App or can allow a manager/supervisor to cater to the order. Then there is the Delivery App, which enables you to manage the delivery of your merchandize/service to your end customer. You, your manager/supervisor as well as the customer can track the delivery online. The Admin app allows you to directly intervene/edit/manage the status of orders in case you want so.

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