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“We have created facial authentication and facial analytics APIs and mobile SDKs, which can be incorporated into any mobile/web app.

Product Overview
FaceAuth is a suite of Facial Authentication APIs & SDK for web & mobile apps. Features:
1. Facial Authentication: Use facial recognition and facial authentication as an alternative for password, pattern or fingerprint authentication.
2. Facial Analytics: Estimate the age, gender, Body Mass Index (BMI) and other features using just a photo. Useful for fraud prevention and medical underwriting for insurance etc.
3. Spoof Attack Prevention: FaceAuth SDK prevents unathorized access and detects spoof attacks like intruders attempting to use a photo or video of the user.
4. Easy to Use & Fully Customizable: It takes less than 15 lines of code to integrate our Open Source SDK. Includes fully customizable flows for registration and authentication.

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