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If you are able to crunch data without being limited by scale, speed and obsolete pricing models, the possibilities are endless. That’s exactly what our platform does!

By combining data from different sources, we create valuable new insights – sparking new business concepts and models for your company.

Our platform is software as a service. We continuously nourish it with proven new technology and passion. We take care of our engine and keep fuelling your success by offering the following services:

You don’t have to invest to be able to gather information from data delivery points. We paved the way for you. Use our open API and gain free access to our platform.

Crunching data requires storage. The more Data Delivery Points (DDP) you crunch, the more storage and processing capacity you need, the more you have to pay. However, the more DDP’s you crunch, the less you pay per DDP.

Depending on the amount of daily data requests you need, our engine makes a number of transactions to deliver the desired output. Per day up to 1000 transactions are free of charge. This helps start-ups to tune their product or service to market demands.

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