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“Easy Pay Private Limited provides a prepaid eco-system for unified city payments including municipal services, utility payments, retail payments, mobility, recreational and other payments within a city. Easy Pay in partnership with various banks have a unique proposal to empower residents and visitors of any city to look at a new paradigm of payment and identification. The project is based on a unified payment and identification mechanism riding on the popularity of contactless card technology. It aims to simplify the life for all residents and visitors of the city by addressing common issues such as availing and paying for municipal services, lack of proper change while making payments, high queuing times at public places to access basic civic amenities and the need to carry multiple cards for identification, membership etc.

The solution is based on a combination of physical card linked to mobile based digital wallet that rides on a single balance for the user. Easy Pay proposes this unique solution, which can be jointly launched in partnership with ‘Local government’.

The overarching idea of the Common Payment Card linked Digital wallet is to use a single payment instrument for all city-wide services. This would also facilitate to integrate mobility systems across the city with other services.

The end-to-end ecosystem associated with Common Payment Card linked Digital wallet is captured and the key entities and processes associated with the program are documented. The Common Payment Card linked Digital wallet would work at designated touch points in conjunction with a card reading mechanism. When the customer shows the card at the payment point, the transaction is performed in a matter of a few seconds and this would help prevent queuing up at the usage points.

A brief construct of the solution is as follows:

1. Digital Wallet for the customer:
–> As a part of this solution we will provide a mobile app based solution which will have a digital wallet termed as ‘Smart City SmartPay’ (downloadable from Android Play Store)
–> This wallet will be linked to an physical Open loop ‘RuPay’ Prepaid Card which will be co-branded with Smart City SPV.
–> The wallet will display the same balance as the card at all times
–> The wallet users can load money through the following channels – Cash at Citizen Facilitation Centres (CFC’s) / Seva Kendras, Civic Centers: Citizens can reach out to Citizen Facilitation Centres (CFC’s) / Seva Kendras, Civic Centers and get their card / wallet loaded with cash.
–> Cash over the counter: We will create a network of retail shops where residents can walk in with cash and load the wallet / card
–> NEFT: Residents can do an NEFT to load their wallet / card
–> Internet Payment Gateway: Residents can load their wallet / card online through Internet Payment Gateway
–> Other Value Added Services such as bill payments, recharges, travel bookings etc., will also be available through the wallet
–> P2P payments from one wallet to another wallet can be made through mobile number
–> P2M payments (merchant payments) can be made through mobile number and QR code
–> P2A payments to Bank Accounts can be made through the wallet

2. Physical Open loop ‘RuPay’ Prepaid Card
–> The Open loop physical plastic card will be a magstrip card that can be swiped across all POS terminals
–> The card will be issued post conducting full KYC of the residents, eKYC through Aadhaar can also be carried out where the infrastructure is available
Card can be used at POS terminals, online at Internet Payment Gateway (IPG) and across ATM machines for Cash withdrawal
–> Card will ride on the same balance as the Digital wallet, hence either instrument can be used to make Cashless Payments
–> Card to be co-branded between the Financial Institute, Smart City SPV, RuPay and Easy Pay as Program Manager that will execute this project at the last mile
–> Will have a max balance of INR 1,00,000 post KYC
–> Will allow Cash withdrawal from the card across Business Correspondent agents (BCA) across the Smart City thereby reducing the dependency on ATM

3. Merchant App for collecting payments on door-step
–> There will be Merchant App that can be downloaded from the App store
–> The payments through the digital wallet as well as the card will be done via the Merchant App.
–> POS integrated solution
–> Transaction charges / settlement charges will be directly contracted and at par with the market, thereby making it a viable and cost effective solution for the merchants

4. Integration of services
–> Integration with G2C Services: Our system will have an integration with various G2C Services such as payment of municipal taxes, water tax, birth certificate issuance and other services. All of these services would be available on the wallet application and will facilitate the citizens to pay for these services using wallet.
–> Integration with other Value Added Services: Our system is already integrated with various Value Added Services such as mobile recharge, Money Transfers, DTH, utility bill payments and other B2C services. All of these services would be available on the wallet application and will facilitate the citizens to pay for these services using wallet.
–> Integration with Smart City Grievance Redressal System: Our system can be integrated with the grievance redressal system of the city to provide one-point facilitation of services on the mobile application. The citizen may also raise an issue or put up a request with his GPS location or image that can be passed on to the grievance redressal team of the city to take necessary actions.
–> Integration with advanced payment technologies: Our system will be integrated with Aadhar Enabled Payment System (AEPS), UPI, NEFT, Payment Gateway or any other payment platform required in the eco-system.

5. Web Services based API Solution:
–> Pay Service
–> Collect Initiate Service
–> Transaction Status Enquiry
–> Transaction Refund Service

Used Cases:
1. Usage at Urban Health centres:
The card will be used to hold information related to medical history of the users that will aid the urban health centres in more efficient and accurate assessment of patients. The card will also be used for payment of medicines / government hospital bills etc.
2. Pay and Access Usage: This process deals with customers using facilities like Aquarium or Science Centres and paying for the same with their Common Payment Card linked Digital wallets.
3. Pay Only Usage: This process exists in scenarios where only payments are made. Typical scenario is payment of taxes/bills at civic centres.
4. Membership Usage: This process is mainly for pre-paid membership services such as library, swimming pools, etc.
5. Mobile Usage (Wi-Fi): This process pertains to users who want Wi-Fi access codes and can pay for the same using Common Payment Card linked Digital wallets/e-wallet.
6. Cash-back Scenario: This process defines the cash-back scenario where customers get money back into their cards. Similar to cash-back scenario, loyalty points to be accumulated in card account of the customer.
7. Retail Payment: This process defines end-user availing cash-free shopping service using Common Payment Card linked Digital wallet.
8. Refund Scenario: This process defines end-user returns his card and wants to get the amount refunded to him in his card linked bank account/cash.
9. Transport & Transit: If this card is issued as a smart card in the future then it can be used for Automated Fare Collection System (AFCS) across city buses, BRTS, Metro, Suburban Railways and State Road Transport Corporation buses.
10. Subsidy Disbursement: The wallet / card can be used for all kinds of govt. subsidy disbursements which can be used across Fair Price shops, Book stores, fee payments etc.
11. Salary disbursements: The ideal use case for this card is salary disbursements for those who earn in earn or under the govt. minimum wages act. The salary credit is real time, fulfillment is across ATMs, Government portal Sewa kendra, eComm and POS terminals. It eradicates the need for Cash.
12. Lending arrangements / Dynamic overdrafts can be worked out directly or through partner NBFCs once transaction history is established – helps bring the card user in the main banking system without need for a Bank Account”

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