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DASH WEB LAB is a company bent on world domination that provides Animation, Mobile App Development and Web Development services. We have a unique approach that is so crazy, it just might work( no might, it definitely works).

We are the ones who work till the dark and provide our full efforts to our clients. We break all barriers of normalcy to create the finest animations, web and mobile apps.

We are a growing company that doesn’t mind being called cuckoo as long as we get the best results. Our animations will definitely leave an impression for a long time. In this time when most apps are clones with just different graphics, the best apps are different not only in design but also procedure and process.

We are creators – the bridge that connects your ideas to the world through user-friendly apps and eye-catching animations. Show us your hurdles and we will help you leap over them. That’s a promise – cross our hearts and hope to die.

Industries We Work For

We work for any and every industry that requires cutting edge animations and/or mobile app development. Just tell us what you want, what you like and we will design and develop apps of the like the world has never-seen-before. We also believe in getting the most done with the least cost, so you won’t start sweating when you see the bill.

Some of the industries we have worked for are:


One-of-a-kind animations by talented professionals that will be forever etched into your brain.

We enjoy bizarre animations and have a team of weird designers that want to build something unprecedented. Whether you require bold or mysterious, we create all kinds of animations like our lives depend on it.

Give us your concept and be ready to be blown away by our spectacular ideas, designs, and superior results. We are experts and we will give you the best piece of animation without fail.

Our services include:

• Infographic Animation
• Web Animation
• Character Animation
• YouTube Animation
• Broadcast Animation
• GIF Animation


In today’s market, where not only companies but even people are turned into brands, our designs will make you shine brightly among your competitors.

We create ideas that use the best resources available, both human and machine, to produce amazing designs for mobile and web platforms. Our designs are eye-catching, unforgettable and will turn heads wherever they appear. If you want the best of the best, or close enough, then we are the ones you should call.

Mobile App Development and Web Development

Do you want your mobile and web apps to be the trends to end all trends? Hire a team that’s obsessed with creating the perfect design and development.

The future is mobile; if you’re not accessible everywhere, you’re not appreciated anywhere. We create unconventional, yet still functional, mobile apps. Whether it’s Android, IOS or Hybrid mobile apps, you want it, we got it.

Tell us what you require and we will move heaven and earth to create the best app for you. We are a mobile app development company set apart from the rest; we use both orthodox and unorthodox methods to create unique apps with exceptional features.

We are professionals well-versed in designing and developing web apps for personal, professional or enterprise segments. We are also experts at WordPress website development for all kinds of business models to keep it simple yet be above the rest. Our UI/UX team creates beautiful animations and mockups detailed to the last pixel. From us, you can be assured to get cheerful designs, through features and SEO optimized web apps.

We offer the following services:
• iPhone app development
• Android app development
• Hybrid mobile app development
• Ionic app development
• Reactive native app design and development

When it’s about web apps, we are well-versed in WordPress Website development with mastery in AngularJs and React Js web application development frameworks. We can handle anything in these fields.

Social Media Marketing


When you need social media marketing, who you gonna call? We will make it so that even Google finds you fascinating.

Our marketing team will make you shine in the World Wide Web. We can spread word of your products and/or services to every corner of the Internet. We will help you climb the SERP ladder to be seen on the first page of every search engine.

When it’s about Social Media Marketing, our team creates campaigns that will have you trending on all social media networks. We renounce the traditional methods and find new and exciting ways to create attention-grabbing marketing methods.

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