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Screenshot of is a web project, with the main aim to teach beginners C# programming in a story-telling and interactive way. It is designed for absolute beginners and does not require any prior knowledge to start. 

The service is focused on helping people to write their first, second and third program without even realizing this. Codeasy is not about immediately getting a job, it is not about going into complex details of every subject, it is all about helping people to get into coding in the easiest possible way.

An adventure story mixed with the explanation of basic principles of C# programming is available for the user. The story – the main character Teo, is fighting with the robots and computer machines in the future and tries to save the humanity. Each chapter covers some information on C#, main commands form the basic ones to more difficult. 

  • 3-level online C# course for beginners – 12 chapters with several lessons in it, and practical tasks in each lesson.
  • Registration at Codeasy allows the user to solve the tasks by writing code (practical part). The user can write code directly at Codeasy in an online compiler, Codeasy checks the code and immediately outputs the result. Each task has automatic hints to help the user solve the task correctly. At the moment consists of 18 chapters, while each chapter consists of several lessons with several tasks in each of them. The total number of tasks is more than 150.
  • While solving tasks the user earns points called “viruses” – internal currency at Codeasy. Viruses give the user the possibility to open new chapters and proceed to study, as well as ask help from Codeasy mentors (experienced software developers). The course can be done for free, but in case the user is run out of viruses, he can refill the balance at Codeasy shop. 
  • In case of any difficulty – the users can join Codeasy community in Slack, where our mentors and more experienced users help each other.  
  • Leader Board to encourage the students to complete the course. 
  • Visual Studio extension that will help the users code in a real environment which is used by most c# software developers.
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