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With today’s rapidly-changing healthcare environment, Bikham Healthcare remains more committed than ever to being the pre-eminent company you can count on when faced with billing challenges.
Since the beginning, we knew that we had to be different than the multitudes of revenue cycle management companies out there. From credentialing and enrollment of insurance panels to patient engagement to the final EFT’s hitting your accounts, Bikham Healthcare manages and balances it all.
We are continuously thinking and innovating on ways to add more value for our clients to help grow their business.
Our detailed eye for processes, highly experienced personnel, cutting edge technology and forward thinking approach allows us to deliver winnable solutions while staying ahead of constant healthcare industry changes.
Don’t fret or sweat over claims and patient statements anymore, trying to figure out back-end operations. That’s not your job! That’s ours! That’s what we specialize in!
And Yes! We are on Instagram and Twitter too.
Instagram: @bikhamhealthcare
Twitter: @bikhamhealth
We like to keep it simple, use the hashtag #Bikhamhealthcare
You can also view our LinkedIn profile:
Of course, if you are looking for someone to chat up with about Revenue Cycle Management solutions, we can be reached @ +1 800-940-4943
Feel free to email for any questions: [email protected]
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