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Auconet was founded in 1998 by a German engineering team with deep expertise in IT Operations Management. Originally a systems integrator engaged by Global 1000 enterprises to monitor, manage, and maintain vast enterprise networks, using existing platforms, Auconet recognized the need for a better approach. Auconet’s customers had been unable to find any truly vendor-independent solution for network management. Instead, customers were locked into proprietary network management solutions that each hardware vendor offered to monitor, manage, control, and secure its own devices. The resulting vendor lock-in created unacceptable risk, cost, and inconvenience. Auconet’s Global 1000 customers were looking for a better approach.

Auconet studied its customers’ challenges in depth, and developed the Auconet Business Infrastructure Control Solution (BICS). BICS not only provides network infrastructure management for all vendors’ devices and endpoints, but also serves as the foundation for a new generation of IT infrastructure management.

The design of BICS is based on these principles:

100% visibility of the entire network in real time
Scalable for vast networks – up to and beyond 1,000,000 endpoints
Security for ALL network-connected (wired or wireless) endpoints
Total vendor independence/inclusion
One consolidated and correlated CMDB
Mask the complexity “underneath” and automate and simplify operator tasks
Full control of all assets from one screen
Common commands to manage all devices in the same way
On-premises, virtual, and SaaS; all available also in multi-tenant deployment
Extremely rapid implementation – days, not weeks or months
Lower TCO
Auconet is trusted by industry leaders, including Siemens, DHL, Deutsche Bahn, BASF, and ING for real-time monitoring, control, security, and management of their complex IT infrastructures. Auconet BICS’ robust next-generation platform transforms IT infrastructure management from a cacophony of archaic ITSM and single-purpose tools, to a simplified, streamlined solution that dramatically improves productivity and lowers TCO.

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