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Ataccama is a software company that specializes in solutions for data quality management, master data management and data governance. The company was founded in 2007 and is part of the Adastra Group.
Better Data. Better Business.
Ataccama is built on a singular vision: the quality of data has a fundamental impact on the success of your business. The better the data, the better the business operates in all of its aspects, whether it is the amount of money spent on customer experience, regulatory requirements, or day-to-day business analytics. Banks, insurance companies, utilities, government organizations—all of which manage vast amounts of data—often experience a diminished value of their data through quality issues. Data quality and master data management technology is an important enabler for any initiative that has business productivity as its objective.
Our Unique Approach
With a clear understanding of the interdependent yet distinct functionality required by business-driven data quality, master data management, and data governance initiatives, Ataccama has developed a tool from the ground up. It gives the business the functionality required through a completely integrated architecture and interface. It allows the business the flexibility to deploy in any environment, regardless of complexity of source systems. And it gives the business the real capability to achieve its goals in a relatively short time period with a distinct eye towards cost and value.
We care a great deal about the ability to execute, business values and unmatched performance of our technology. Our R&D team pays strong attention to customer needs and quality, and our consultants and analysts carefully gather customer feedback and requirements to make the product as valuable as possible. This allows us to provide products preconfigured for specific business tasks and country-specific business rules.

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