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Analytics Quotient (AQ) provides analytics-powered insights and solutions to marketing and business problems to leading global marketers. Do you face these or similar questions often? 1.““Can someone help me understand key drivers of consumer purchase behavior, employing consistent methods across the globe?” 2. “Is there someone out there that help identify innovation opportunity spaces by integrating & analyzing the multitude of data sets we have?” 3. “Can I get better visualization and reporting for the tracking data I collect?” 4. “I know I could do a lot more with the data we collect, if only I had the bandwidth” 5. “Our data should be more actionable, but my team has many priorities other than data analysis” Our consultants help companies make better marketing decisions through strategic thinking that leverages quantitative analysis. The quantitative analyses are performed using sales, financial, market research, media, retail audit and other client data sources. Started in late 2008, AQ has 400 associates today. We work extensively with clients in the Consumer Packaged Goods, Retailing, Restaurant & Hospitality, Media & Entertainment, Technology and other industries.

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