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Security testing at its best

We are a global information security company specializing in Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment besides 24/7 Threat Management, SIEM and Incident Response

Aleph Tav Technologies was founded in 2015 with the purpose of providing confidence to the businesses against Cyber Threats. Our vision is to help people and enterprises embrace technologies whilst being fully aware of the danger that it can pose to their credibility and business.

With an alarming increase in the number of cyber-attacks and the motives transitioning from ideologies to more of personal gain, every business is at risk. To address the need of protecting business from threats, Aleph Tav technologies provides security testing, validation and consulting services to enterprises.

Our services
 Application Security : Enterprise, Web and Mobile
 Enterprise Security : Network Vulnerability and Penetration Testing
 Security Testing for Big data and Cloud
 Security for IoT
 SCADA, ICS and HMI security validations
 Specialized services for “Mergers and Acquisitions” and Legacy Modernization Initiatives
 Process and Compliance Consulting
 Digital Forensics

Our strength
We at Aleph Tav Technologies believe that our people are our biggest assets. Cyber Security is a field that is constantly evolving and automation of security testing is only following through. However, we believe, it is the human intelligence supported by market leading tools that make a difference and so we invest in acquiring and nurturing the best talent in the world. Our technologists are certified in all industry recognised fields and are experienced in breaking into ( ethically, of course) and exposing vulnerabilities.

Doing business with us?

For Organizations
Be it a specific release or a continuous engagement, talk to us. We cater to requirements across all technologies, time frames and reasons. We can run periodic assessments against your release calendar, validate your mobile app launches, help you gain confidence on your cloud and digital initiatives, secure your production floor or simply assist the launch of an intranet application over the internet

For Service Providers:
Setting up a security testing practice to provide services to your customers is a slightly different ask compared to providing traditional testing services. The expertise required, the tools that enable efficiencies and the sheer effort of being constantly updated with the growing threats pose a huge overhead for you.
This is where we fit in and we encourage you to partner with us to either expand your service offerings, increasing your value to your customers continuously or engage with us on point solutions without worrying about tools or resources.

For Start-ups:
One of the most overlooked aspect for a product launch in a start-up is security. The enthusiasm that fills up architects, designers and developers often plays a major role in this mentality and security is either neglected or thought about much later than it should have been. Owning a security testing team for a start-up might be an unnecessary overhead as well.
Aleph Tav technologies helps start-ups in their last mile to transfer this worry to us through our exclusive business model for start-ups. Trust us, the dent on your budget will not be visible, the pain of doing it yourself is completely gone and you engage with us only on a need basis.

Next steps
Talk to us for detailed information on our service offerings or visit

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