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aifora enables retailers to optimize their pricing and inventory management and automate the underlying processes. Using data from the retailers’ ERP systems (sales data, inventory data, etc.) as well as external data (weather data, market data, competitor data, etc.), our machine learning algorithms forecast future consumer demand. Based on the forecast demand, pricing and inventory management can be optimized in real-time across all sales channels and all stores.

In the field of pricing, we provide SaaS solutions for initial pricing, dynamic pricing, markdown optimization and promotion planning. In the field of inventory management, we provide SaaS solutions for allocation, replenishment and transfers. Each solution is a stand-alone solution – maximum benefit is achieved through the combination of both pricing and inventory solutions.

The pricing and inventory calculations made by “the machine” are displayed transparently in a web interface. Users can decide when to accept and when to override the machine’s decisions. In the simulation mode, users can see the predicted impact on central KPIs. This transparency and flexible degree of automation ensures a high level of user acceptance.

Our cloud-based SaaS solutions are quick and easy to integrate with any back-end system. They can be individually configured to meet your needs and adapted to your strategies, workflows and business rules. Thus, they can be used by retailers of all sizes, across all industries.

Through our solutions for pricing and inventory management, retailers can maximize their revenues and profits while minimizing excess inventory and avoiding out-of-stock situations.

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